Bahrain: Three arrested for theft of around 60,000 pills from SMC

Three defendants, who were arrested in relation to the loss of huge quantities of narcotic pills from the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), confessed to their crime, the Ministry of Interior and Public Prosecution announced through their official social media accounts. 

Details of the crime indicated two employees at the SMC used to sell huge quantities of narcotic pills to a third person. The buyer explained that he agreed with a female nurse at the SMC to provide him with any quantity in exchange for sums of money. In turn, he added, she sought the help of the pharmacy employee. The two staff, he said, agreed and supplied him with the desired quantities. He said that the female staff was the one responsible for giving away drugs and receiving sums of money. 

Initial information indicates that the quantity of narcotic pills lost from the SMC is estimated at about 60,000 tablets, during this year. 

It is noteworthy that the arrest of the thieves came after a video about the loss of huge quantities of narcotic pills went viral.

The video was of a female doctor who said that she had evidence that the source of narcotic pills used by addicted students was from the SMC.


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