Bahrain: Three residential buildings evacuated in Muharraq

Three buildings evacuated in Muharraq.
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The Civil Defense evacuation team evacuated three residential buildings in Muharraq Governorate as a precautionary procedure. 

The evacuation, which was conducted in cooperation with the Muharraq Police Directorate and other relevant authorities, aimed to ensure the safety of the buildings’ residents. The directorate explained that the evacuation was conducted without any injuries, after taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the residents. The buildings will be evacuated until the safety is confirmed.

The Ministry of the Interior, the Civil Defense Directorate and the Muharraq Police Directorate confirmed that the competent authorities are following the necessary procedures to provide shelters for the residents of these buildings.

The evacuation received massive positive comments on social media as they praised the efforts of the concerned authorities and their keenness of the safety of all citizens and residents.


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