Bahrain to allow resumption of special events and occasions

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority confirmed resumption of special events and occasions as of 31 January 2021, in accordance with health controls and requirements applicable to all commercial establishments, according to the report.

The procedures will be subject to continuous evaluation. These controls will include a number of health requirements for events and occasions that do not exceed 30 people, whether in open or closed spaces.

Occasions with more than 30 people must be licensed individually by the BTEA through the licensing service for special events and occasions on the BTEA website. The maximum limit for any licensed activity should not exceed 150 persons.

It is necessary for a nurse to be present for events with more than 30 attendees. This is in addition to conducting a test for covid-19 not more than 48 hours prior to the event and presenting the certificate at the event.


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