Bahrain to witness unstable weather conditions until Tuesday

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The Arabian Peninsula and the Arabian Gulf will witness unstable weather patterns in the coming days influenced by a depression or low-pressure system, weather officials warn.

During the past few days, Bahrain was experiencing stable weather accompanied by north-westerly winds causing temperatures to drop below the monthly average for January.

However, AlAyam, quoting unnamed sources at the Meteorological Department, said they expect cumulus rain clouds over the peninsula as the depression drags in the air from the surroundings.

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Sources said the depression would enter the region on Tuesday, creating chances for thunderstorms with fast downward winds.

“The wind would remain south-easterly until Tuesday and then turn north-westerly. Accompanying cold air mass would create a noticeable drop in temperature to as low as 12 degree Celsius.”


The Meteorological Department also warned that the weather might be unsuitable for marine activities with highspeed gusts and strong north winds. The wave heights are likely to reach 8 feet at sea cautioning sea-goers to take all safety measures.

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