Bahrain: Top Destination for Gulf Travel in GCC

Bahrain is the top destination for Gulf travel in the GCC, according to the Gulf Statistical Council’s most recent report. According to the data, Bahrain accounted for 40.5 percent of the total inter-tourism movement among GCC countries, implying that the Kingdom receives over two million tourists from other Gulf countries.

Every year, over 12 million tourists from across the Gulf countries and other nations experience the best of what Bahrain has to offer, and the country continues to build its reputation globally as a unique tourist destination.

Efforts to promote Bahrain as a unique tourist destination have ultimately led to it becoming the number one expat destination in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Following tourism plans that are set to grow GCC tourism sectors, the region plans to develop its infrastructure and programs to evolve into major tourist destinations over the coming decades.

The Gulf countries aim to develop for the future, with goals to increase the number of domestic tourists spending in the Arab Gulf countries by 2.4 percent annually. The GCC nations are opening conversations surrounding tourism, with new projects, mega attractions, and touristic destinations beginning to develop, which is shifting the region and attracting more tourists from around the world.



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