Bahrain: Traffic Officer Accused Of Stealing BD225

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A traffic officer had been manipulating receipts in order to embezzle money, the court heard. The 24-year-old man was serving as a cashier at the General Directorate of Traffic and he was collecting money from customers.

The defendant is said to have been using the print screen in order to change the serial number of the receipts and the amounts he had received from customers. He was reported to the Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security by his colleagues who discovered his misconduct. Investigations found that the defendant forged 37 receipts, from which he pocketed BD225, according to court files.

However, the defendant denied committing any wrongdoing, stating that sometimes he would leave work early, handing over his computer to colleagues for printing receipts. “I wasn’t the only one printing the receipts from my own computer. My colleagues also did that. But everyone was using my account,” the officer told prosecutors.



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