Bahrain: Traffic Police to Confiscate Noisy Vehicles

“Avoid making loud noises by vehicles in residential areas and installing illegal tinting,” this was announced by the General Directorate of Traffic through its official website and social media accounts.

The directorate highlighted that noisy vehicles would be confiscated for a month to avoid disturbing people who are most of the time at their homes because of the current situation. It noted that the illegal tinting would be removed by the violators at the sites.

It noteworthy that the directorate has earlier announced that it would have zero-tolerance for wrong practices, such as stunt driving and noisy car exhaust.

The announcement urged all road users to adhere to traffic regulations and rules.

The General Directorate of Traffic stressed that punishments were allocated for any ill behaviours or violations that would disturb the safety, disrupt the traffic and infringement on the freedoms of citizens and residents such as stunt driving, drifting and noisy car exhaust.


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