Bahrain: Traffic Policeman Accused Of Embezzlement

It was also proven that the company had repeatedly requested extra services.
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A traffic policeman who works at the Registration Department in the General Directorate of Traffic has been accused of embezzlement.

The defendant is accused of collecting vehicles registration fees without entering the data in the directorate system and embezzling the paid amounts in 2016. However, the crime came to light after one year later.

In 2017, many drivers were shocked to find out that their cars were not registered for an entire year despite paying fees and receiving receipts for the same.

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The directorate immediately launched an investigation into the matter and confronted the accused for fraudulent behavior during his shift.

The traffic policeman initially claimed that his login password was used on several computers in the department adding his superior did not take any action when it was reported.

The court has adjourned the case to June 16 of the current year.


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