Bahrain: Training Institute Owner Accused Of Defrauding Tamkeen Of 4,470 Dinars With Forged Certificates

An owner of a training institute in the Kingdom is under scrutiny for allegedly defrauding Tamkeen of 4,470 dinars by submitting forged documents.

The accusations claim that the owner falsified training certificates to illegitimately obtain financial support from the Tamkeen Labour Fund.

According to the Acting Head of the Cybercrime Prosecution, the Public Prosecution initiated an investigation following findings from the Anti-Corruption Crimes Department of the General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security.

Witnesses and individuals named in the fraudulent training certificates confirmed they did not participate in the referenced courses.

Further inquiries with the training institution that purportedly issued the certificates confirmed their invalidity.

Investigations also revealed that the accused received financial support from Tamkeen through the training institute’s bank account.

Following interrogation, the Public Prosecution confronted the accused with the evidence and subsequently ordered their referral to the appropriate criminal court for trial.


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