Bahrain: Two arrested for diesel theft and starting fire

Two diesel thieves, who sparked a devastating fire that engulfed six parked trucks in the Sitra Industrial area, have been arrested and charged. The suspects, aged 35 to 46 years, have been identified as Asian nationals by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations & Forensic Science.

The men allegedly sparked the fire as they attempted to siphon out diesel from the fuel tank of one of the parked trucks. Police say their unsafe actions caused the diesel in the tanks of one of the trucks to drip onto a generator, causing a short circuit and sparking a fire.

The fire soon engulfed the trucks that were leaking diesel and causing severe monetary losses. Police said both the men fled from the scene after the incident. They, however, were captured with the help of crime scene evidence and CCTV footage. Authorities are pursuing necessary formalities to refer the suspects to the Public Prosecution.



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