Bahrain: Two arrested for robbing cold store at knifepoint

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Bahrain’s First High Criminal Court has adjourned hearing in the case of two men accused of robbing a cold store owner at knifepoint, to appoint a defence attorney.

The court also ordered a mental health evaluation at a Psychiatric hospital of one of the defendants’, who, according to court files, are drug abusers.

The police report says the men, both Bahrainis, stole BD500 from the store at knifepoint last June after assaulting the shopkeeper, who is an Asian by nationality. Police also accuse the suspects of using narcotics, such as heroin, morphine, clonazepam and methamphetamine.

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The case was reported to the police by the shopkeeper, who recognised one of the defendants who were living in his locality. Both men were soon arrested.

One of the suspects denied all charges before the Public Prosecution, but his accomplice confessed to the crime saying that he needed money.

He said he decided to rob the shop to buy alcoholic beverages, as he was also unemployed. Footages from surveillance cameras inside the shop clearly showed both men holding the shopkeeper at knifepoint.

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The footage showed the men forcing the shopkeeper to open the cash register and emptying it before fleeing from the scene.


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