Bahrain: Two Car Drowning Incidents in a Day

Car drowned in water
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A day that can be tagged as “The day of car-drowning incidents” for Bahrainis as two incidents occurred in one day. The first incident occurred around 10 am on the coast of the Nurana Project near Karana village. While the second incident occurred on the beach near Karzakkan village.

Details of the first incident as told by a source indicate that the owner of the car, Ahmed, parked his car at the coast. The source added that Ahmed, who was with his two sons, intended to fish.

Ahmed was in the driver’s seat while his two sons collected fishing tools when suddenly the car started to slide towards the coast. The source added that Ahmed quickly opened the car’s window, saved his kids and jumped. Ahmed suffered minor bruises as a result of jumping from the car, while the two children (12 and 14 years old) were not injured except for the panic they went through.

The source pointed out that Ahmed reported the incident to the security authorities who took the necessary measures.

In the other incident, the residents of the area told that the car was seen floating in the sea near Karzakkan village. Residents added that the incident was reported to the concerned authorities who took the necessary measures.


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