Bahrain: Two expat women arrested for attacking cops

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Two Asian women were sentenced to one-year imprisonment yesterday for attacking and abusing a policewoman, while resisting arrest. The court also ordered to deport them, once they complete their jail term.

According to the court files, the women, aged 20 and 25 years, were wanted for damaging a property in the Muharraq Governorate.

Following an investigation, a police patrol from Samaheej police station identified and arrested the women and brought them to the police station.

The two women, however, continued to aggressively resist arrest and started abusing and assaulting the police officer ‘hysterically’.

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Though the officer’s colleagues at the station intervened to help, the rampaging youths continued to attack her and other officers.

Both the women were finally handcuffed and brought under control by officers at the station.

They were referred to the Public Prosecution on charges of physically and verbally assaulting on-duty policewomen, in addition to disturbing the peace at Samaheej police station.


Source Credit: DT News


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