Bahrain: Two Men on Trial for Stealing Car, Abusing Drugs

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The First High Criminal Court yesterday adjourned a case involving two men, accused of stealing a car, selling it using a stolen identity card, and abusing drugs, to April 30.

The case was first reported by the victim at the Southern Hamad Town Police Station on January 12 this year, informing that his car, which he had parked in front of his house on the same day, was stolen. The victim also reported that there were some important documents that belonged to him and his son in the vehicle.

A few days later, the stolen car was found at a scrap shop in Hamala industrial area in the Northern Governorate. When the Asian worker at the shop was questioned about the car, he said that he had legally bought it for BD80 from the accused. Justifying his claims, the worker also presented the sale contract and the identity card used by the suspect.

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However, further investigation led to the owner of the identity card (the second victim), who stated that his wallet has been stolen around a month ago. To prove his statements, the man presented documents indicating that he had reported the matter to the police and issued a new card in replacement of the lost one.

Police investigation led to the identification and arrest of several suspects, including both accused men. The scrap shop worker recognised one of the suspects from the police identity parade. The suspect led the police to his accomplice.

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Both suspects were interrogated by the Public Prosecution, which charged them of theft, forging official documents and abuse of drugs, as their urine and blood tests showed traces of methamphetamine.


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