Bahrain: Two Men Sentenced To Death For Selling Drugs

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Seven men have been handed down various sentences on drug-related charges, Northern Prosecutor Mohammed Al Maliki announced.

The Higher Criminal Court sentenced 2 defendants to death for the possession, planting, smuggling and dealing in drugs. The court also sentenced the third defendant to life imprisonment for smuggling drug for trading.

The fourth, fifth and sixth defendants were sentenced to one year in prison for drug use, and the seventh defendant was sentenced to six months in prison for the use of psychotropic substances.

Investigation affirmed the authenticity of the information received by the Anti-narcotics Directorate saying that the first, second and third defendants had formed a network to bring large quantities of narcotic from abroad for selling the same inside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

After obtaining a search warrant issued by the Public Prosecution, consider quantities of drugs were found concealed in the second defendant’s house.

The third defendant was arrested as he was accompanied by the rest of the defendants, who had drugs and psychotropic substances in their possession.

An amount of drug was also found in the third defendant’s house, who admitted that he got the same from the second defendant, who also admitted that, in co-operation with the first defendant, had smuggled the drugs into Bahrain for selling them inside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

All defendants had admitted to the charges levelled against them.


Source Credit: DT News


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