Bahrain: Two New Oil Projects Inaugurated

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Minister of Oil, Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, yesterday inaugurated the Wetland Water Treatment Project in the Sakhir area and the Hunainiyah Project.

The Oil Minister, praising the role played by the Kingdom at the regional and international levels said the launch of two projects highlights the vital role played by the oil sector in the Kingdom’s economy.

“The Wetland Water Treatment Project is located on an area of 110 hectares to create a natural water treatment system through the removal of pollutants through a range of natural processes mediated by complex interactions between water, plants, micro-organisms, soil, gravel and air.

“The project will help improve the capacity to adapt to climate change through the use of new innovative technologies to treat wastewater amounting to 80,000 cubic meters, and reduces groundwater extraction and supplement groundwater recharge.


Source Credit: BNA


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