Bahrain: Two women jailed for forging travel documents

Two women, aged 41 and 45 years, allegedly, created fake travel documents to legalise their stay in the Kingdom, court files say.

The 41-year-old woman landed in Bahrain on a visit-visa that expires in two weeks. However, she forged the documents, which now show that she went back on the 13th of December and returned after two days. She also faked the official seal to validate her travel in the passport.

During interrogation, police found that the second suspect, also a woman, and another man, who is unidentified, helped her.

The forgery caught the official attention when the woman reached the airport for her return journey to her homeland in January. Officers told the court that the seals were almost similar to that issued at the airport but had minor distortions, good enough to understand it as fake.



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