Bahrain urges full compliance with health protocols during New Year celebrations

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) has stressed the importance of the full compliance of all the Kingdom’s tourism facilities, including hotels and restaurants, with Government mandated health precautions and the recommendations of the National Medical Taskforce for Combatting the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

BTEA reminded tourism establishments of the health and safety requirements, contained in Ministerial Order no. 68 of 2020, that must be applied to restaurants and cafes to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, as establishments, restaurants and tourist facilities make preparations for the New Year celebrations.

The BTEA emphasised that, in joint coordination with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the Ministry of Interior, inspections will be increased during the weekend as part of preparations for New Year.

The BTEA will take all necessary administrative and legal measures against violators, adding that violating facilities will be closed and could be fined up to BHD 10,000, depending on any additional health violations cited.

The BTEA underscored the importance of following all the measures cited within the ministerial order, including social distancing, wearing of face-masks, maintaining the appropriate distance between tables, allowing a maximum of 50% of table seating with a limit of 6 individuals per table, and limiting indoor occupancy to a maximum of 30 customers at any given time. The measures further include the prohibition of mingling or socialising with others outside their dining party.

The BTEA noted the importance of vigilantly following all the precautionary measures to support Team Bahrain’s national mitigation efforts and preserving the health of the Kingdom’s community.


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