Bahrain Urges India to Refrain from CAA Implementation

Shura Council has voted to take back the proposal it passed with the intention of studying it further.
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The Council of Representatives followed with great interest the issuance of the Citizenship Act in friendly India, which grants all refugees and residents in India the right to obtain the Indian citizenship except Muslims, and even legitimises revoking of their citizenship.

The Council of Representatives stressed that the Citizenship Act has triggered mass protests and international criticism for being fundamentally discriminatory as it undermines equality before the law, and does not conform to international standards, human rights and civilisational practices.

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The Representatives Council highlighted India’s deep-rooted culture of tolerance and coexistence, noting that the Indian people and icons have always been known for their love and acceptance for others and the Indian society has always been highly cohesive.

The council called on the Indian government to refrain from implementing the Citizenship Act, take the rights of Muslim citizens into account, and respect international principles and covenants.

The Representatives Council expressed its appreciation on the depth of the Bahraini-Indian relations, affirming everyone’s keenness to strengthen relations between the Islamic countries and friendly India.

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