Bahrain: Vegetable seller is accused of selling drugs

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A VEGETABLE seller allegedly sold marijuana by hiding it among vegetables, a court heard.

The 30-year-old Indian was arrested when he agreed to sell BD120 worth of the drug to an undercover agent in Manama, according to court documents. Authorities received a tip-off about the defendant dealing in drugs in Hoora.

“We received information about an Asian man dealing in drugs in Hoora,” a 32-year-old officer said in his statement to prosecutors. “One of our confidential informants led us to the whereabouts of the drug dealer (the defendant). “He was using a vegetable shop as a cover from where he sold narcotics by hiding them between the vegetables.“He agreed to sell BD120 worth of marijuana to our undercover agent.

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“The defendant then led authorities to the narcotics he was hiding in his shop.“The marijuana was concealed underneath vegetables. “Authorities also confiscated the money that the defendant had received from our undercover agent in return for the drugs.”

The defendant admitted that he was selling narcotics by hiding them among vegetables. The trial was adjourned until December 31 for review.

Source Credit: Gulf Digital News


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