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Bahrain: Violators Of New Privacy Law To Be Fined BD1000

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A new law decree to tighten penalties for violating the privacy of individuals has been forwarded to the House of Representatives.

The law indicates a penalty of imprisonment and a fine of not less than BD1000 for taking or posting a picture or film of a person directly, in an improper situation or in a private place in any public way or by any means.

The law suggests that the penalty shall be doubled to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years and a fine of not less than BD3000 if the published material was about reputation or privacy matters of any kind.

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Penalties in accordance with the decree of the law include the following practices: spying or peeping by any means to a private place, record or transfer a private conversation in a public or private place, prepare or post a conversation, picture or film of a person in an improper way that has been prepared or posted falsely, conveying news or comments related to the private or family life of individuals if post the material would offend them, take or post pictures or films of persons injured in accidents or the body of the deceased.


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