Bahrain: Waitress Fights Molestation Attempt While Waiting for Cab in Gudaibiya

An expatriate woman had a terrifying experience recently when she was reportedly accosted by a group of men while waiting for a cab in Gudaibiya.

The Asian, who works at a fine-dining restaurant in Gudaibiya, said she had just completed her shift for the day and was waiting for her ride to drop her off at her accommodation. The incident happened at around 1am on Thursday. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted the News of Bahrain in order to get her story out to the public.

The waitress said that out of the two young Asian men who came walking by, one of them touched her face without permission. When the woman questioned this act and asked the man to apologise, the other man began a quarrel with her and attempted to hit her.

When she threatened to call the police, the men supposedly responded by daring her to do so. Passersby who came to the woman’s assistance helped her call the police, though the men denied touching her inappropriately.

In the CCTV footage, the men can be seen making a run for it soon afterwards. A policeman arrived in response to the call and searched for the culprits in the nearby areas, but they could not be located, the woman added.

The woman said she ended up crying for most of the night following the incident and felt helpless. A complaint has been filed with the police, who have a copy of the CCTV footage showing the incident.


News Of Bahrain
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