Bahrain: Wear Face Masks When Meeting Persons Most ‘At-Risk’

According to the Ministry of Health press conference held today, there are procedures for safe entry into the home that must be adhered to.

The national team has also expanded the scope of wearing face masks, after recent developments in the number of registered existing cases and to preserve the health and safety of all members of the community.

Masks must be worn when meeting people who have underlying health conditions or who are most at-risk in the context of a single-family.

The importance of wearing masks outside the home in all places and times except while driving was stressed during the press conference.

When returning to the home and before touching anything, shoes must be placed at the door, preferably outside the home. Provide a box at the entrance where all personal belongings are placed, wear gloves and sleeves, sterilize all belongings and luggage, dispose of the outer bags with the glove and sleeves, wash hands with soap and water for a period of at least 40 seconds.



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