Bahrain: Wife seeks divorce for attacking with an axe

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An Arab woman, who was brutally attacked and thrown off from the third floor of their residence in Bilad Al Qadeem by her Bahraini husband has filed for divorce. The couple got married in 2003 and had frequent disagreements and legal disputes throughout their 14 years of marriage.

The Fourth Lower Sharia Court (Jaffari Department) issued a verdict on March 28 granting the mother the custody of her two children, 10 and 12-year old sons, and allowed her to stay in the Kingdom to look after them.

She also won a case against her husband last year, obliging him to pay her a monthly allowance of BD300, as she’s unemployed.

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According to the woman, her husband was furious about the court decision and repeatedly abused her and threatened to deprive her of her children. This apparently continued until last May when the man attempted to murder her at their home.

Her attorney, Fatima BinRajad, explained the incident, “The man ensured that the house was empty on the day of the attack. He threatened to kill her using an axe, and when she tried to escape, he stabbed her once in the back and again on the head. But he didn’t stop there and threw her from the balcony of their apartment on the third floor of the building. As he was determined to kill her, the man also burnt her face with acid”.

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He is now serving a seven-year jail term as per a verdict issued on February 20 this year. The case is now before the Higher Court of Appeal that will announce its verdict on April 24 as she has appealed for a tougher punishment.

The woman is slowly recovering from the injuries and fractures she suffered from the brutal attack.


Source Credit: DT News


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