Bahrain: Witnesses Arrested in Swindling Case

The woman told prosecutors that she couldn’t stay away from her boyfriend, a GCC national, residing in Bahrain.
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The High Criminal Court ordered to arrest witnesses who failed to testify in a swindling case.
The witnesses were supposed to make their statement against two brothers who are accused of swindling 38 people out of one million Bahraini dinars by making promises to invest the money in the Forex trade. The brothers reportedly created a fake real estate company and made the victims believe that they are ready to generate revenue for them through Forex. They reportedly collected funds from them, before disappearing.

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Police investigated the case after several victims come forward with complaints against the pair. Investigators found that the pair didn’t have the required permissions to receive money for investment purposes. According to court files, the duo began their activities in 2015 up until 2017. Some of the victims are from Saudi Arabia.


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