Bahrain: A woman crushed to death by truck

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A Bahraini woman was crushed to death by a garbage truck in Al Musalla village in the Capital Governorate yesterday.

The victim, killed on the spot, has been identified as Fatima Al Ateesh. Her body was buried in Jidhafs cemetery later in the day.

Her relative MP Al Ateesh, who insisted that more official measures need to be taken to limit such tragic traffic accidents from occurring in the area said, “The mishap took place in the new housing project. The area lacks some municipal services such as traffic signs and more speed breakers.”

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The MP also underlined another issue, which he says affects all of the constituencies in the Capital Governorate. He claimed that the appointed municipal representatives of the governorate are not living in the area’s they represent in the Capital Secretariat Council, which replaced the previous municipal council as per a Royal Decree in 2014.

The lawmaker added, “I have submitted a bill to oblige municipal representatives of living in the areas they represent in the four councils of the Kingdom. But it was shelved. I will raise the matter again.”

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Source Credit: DT News


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