Bahrain: Woman jailed for assaulting policewoman

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A female GCC national was jailed for a year by the High Criminal Court for assaulting a Bahrain policewoman while intoxicated during a hotel beach scuffle. The Court also fined her BD100 and ordered her permanent deportation.

The incident began when a hotel reported a scuffle between two women on the hotel beach. A policewoman went to the site, where the accused was seen wearing a swimsuit and under the influence of alcohol.

When approached, the accused asked for the policewoman’s mobile phone to speak with her father. However, she was told that she could make the call from the Security Directorate.

The policewoman then tried to drape a robe around the accused to cover her, but the latter repeatedly tossed it aside. The accused then verbally abused the policewoman during the drive to the Security Directorate and attempted to escape when they arrived there.

In her attempt to catch her, the policewoman fell and the accused assaulted her while continuing to curse. During the investigation, the accused denied the incident supposedly because she could not remember due to being drunk.


Meanwhile, it was revealed in the medical report that the policewoman had suffered a traumatic injury. The Public Prosecution convicted the accused of assaulting a member of the security forces – a chief sergeant – while performing her duties.


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