Bahrain: Woman Who Smuggled Drugs in Underwear Loses Appeal

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A woman who attempted to smuggle drugs into the Kingdom by hiding it in her underwear had her punishment upheld yesterday by the Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal. The woman was among three defendants arrested last year for their involvement in trafficking, selling and abusing hashish.

Court files showed that the appellant was arrested upon arrival at the Bahrain side of King Fahad Causeway. The woman raised the suspicion of Customs Affairs officers as she showed obvious confusion and was nervous, as stated in the officers’ testimonies. Additionally, police dogs continued barking at her, raising more doubts.

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Policewomen were called to check the appellant and inspect her belongings. Initially, nothing illegal was found in her possession, but, intensified inspection led to the detection of a piece of hashish wrapped and concealed in her underwear.

Customs Affairs immediately referred the woman to the Anti-Narcotics Department in the Interior Ministry to continue the legal procedures.

The first and second defendants were previously sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment and fined BD5,000 each for drug trafficking.

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The third defendant received a lighter sentence of six months in jail and was fined BD100 after he was convicted of drugs abuse.

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