Bahrain: Women Jailed for ‘Stealing Water’ In Isa Town

Expelled expat woman returns to Bahrain with friend's passport.
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A woman was sentenced to three months in prison by the Third Low Criminal Court for “stealing water” from the main line.

According to court files, the woman has been benefiting from water services provided by the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) for years without paying any fees.

This surfaced when one of the authority’s judicial control officers was tipped off about a violation in Isa Town. The violation was carried out illegally by installing an extension that provided a residence with water from the main water network, without being detected by the meter.

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Upon his inspection to the site, the officer discovered that the house is illegally provided by water through a three-way extension that’s linked to the main water network, without passing through the water meter.

Source: DT News

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