Bahrain: ‘Women Molesting Man’ – First Ever In Legal History

Expelled expat woman returns to Bahrain with friend's passport.
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It was for the first time in the legal history of the Kingdom that a ‘woman molesting man’ case was charged, according to prosecutors.

An Arab woman was sentenced to one-year jail for molesting and attempting to rob a laundryman. The convict will be deported once she completes the jail term.

The woman, a mother of seven children, barged into the laundry shop and molested the laundry expat worker, say court details.

Revealing the incident, the victim had told prosecutors, “The woman was wearing a niqab (veil) when she entered the shop. She asked me for water and then requested me the way to toilet. I told her that the shop did not have a toilet facility. “Suddenly, she came close and pressed my body against her.”

The Arab woman reached her hand into the pocket of the victim’s trousers in a bid to snitch his wallet, prosecutors said.

“I tried to resist her, but she would rob eight dinars from my pocket. She was a big woman and I failed to stop her,” the victim said. “I informed my sponsor immediately about the robbery and he reported it to police,” he said.

The woman was arrested in another robbery case, and she denied her links to this incident. However, her involvement was confirmed after reviewing the CCTV cameras installed in the shop.

“I came to Bahrain with my husband seven months ago and I have seven children. I usually go on begging to raise money for us, but I was arrested in connection with a robbery incident,” the 32-year-old woman said.

The defendant’s youngest child is a newborn infant who is with her at the detention centre.

The Arab woman’s lawyer had earlier urged the court to show mercy and release her as she needs to take care of the seven children while her husband is away for work.


Source Credit: DT News


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