Bahrain: Worker Residences in Hoora, Alguful Inspected

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Workers residences in Hoora and Alguful areas were inspected by a team of officials after receiving complaints of overcrowding in these buildings.

Shaikh Hisham bin Abdul Rahman Al Khalifa, Governor of the Capital Governorate, visited a number of workers residences in the Hoora and Alguful areas, accompanied by the Deputy Governor, Hassan Al-Madani, and other officials as part of the capital municipality’s efforts to reduce the intensity of expat workers In their areas of residence, as a precaution to combat the coronavirus outbreak .

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He explained that the visit came in response to complaints received by the governorate through the application “My Capital” and the national application “Tawasul” about overcrowding in those buildings.

A joint conservative team from the Capital Secretariat, the Ministry of Health, the Electricity and Water Authority and the Governorate Police Directorate, make frequent inspectional visits to workers residences to ensure the availability of the necessary conditions and take legal measures against violators.

The team inspected 80 buildings, 63 of which were found incompatible, and electricity supplies were suspended, while 44 buildings had electricity restored as they corrected their conditions since the team’s past field visit, two weeks ago.

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The team in charge of dealing with complaints about violating residences continues to make field visits on a daily basis.


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