Bahrain:‘12-year-old’ gives birth again

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A GIRL whose passport says she is just 12 years old has given birth to her second baby at a private hospital in Bahrain, it has emerged. The young Syrian mother has delivered an infant at American Mission Hospital (AMH).

It is the same girl who made headlines when she gave birth to her first child at the same hospital last year, confirmed sources.

The GDN reported soon after her first delivery, a baby girl, that her Syrian father told prosecutors he was forced to marry off his daughter to her cousin because he feared she would be taken as a sex slave by Islamic State (IS).

When she delivered her first child she was reportedly married to an 18-year-old Syrian man. Child and Family prosecutor Mardiya Hassan later said medical tests on the young mother indicated she was older than 16, although there was no further clarification.

“The delivery was uneventful and the hospital has notified a women’s welfare group for assistance,” an AMH official told the GDN.

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“We care for all public and treat those who present to us with any condition or situation with compassion and in accordance with the law of the land.” Sources told the GDN that the young mother was accompanied by a man and a woman to deliver her second child.

“She came with a man and woman and her relationship with them is not known,” said sources. “The 12-year-old delivered at around 3.45pm. “However, she looks much older (than 12) and presented a marriage certificate.”

Last year, both her father and husband were arrested when she delivered her first child at AMH, but were conditionally released.

The father told prosecutors his family escaped Syria and arrived in Bahrain shortly before his daughter gave birth.

Women’s Crisis Care International (WCCI) founder Mary-Justine Todd has now urged authorities to investigate the true age of the young mother.

“The idea of a 12-year-old giving birth to her second child is extremely disturbing,” she said.

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“In today’s modern society, no 11 or 12-year-old girl from any country, religion or background in the world should be making the decision to engage in sexual activity or to start a family.

“And if she didn’t choose to do it herself, but rather it was imposed upon her, then it is a case of extreme sexual violence and child abuse.

“WCCI would implore the relevant authorities in Bahrain to uphold the moral and ethical principles of Bahrain and Islam and protect this child while punishing the adults in her life who allowed this to happen.

“It is essential to respond to a case such as this with sensitivity, respect and care for the young girl, while maintaining her needs and desires as the priority.”

Under Bahraini law the minimum age to get married is 18 for males and 15 for females.

Source Credit: Gulf Digital News


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