Bahraini Arrested For Burning Car And Attacking Cops

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A Bahraini national is arrested for burning a car to avenge a sexual assault the car owner committed against him ten years ago.

According to the police records, the car owner reported to police that his car was burned while it was parked outside his home. The fire caused damages to the house’s fence, and detectives later discovered that the Bahraini man was responsible for the crime.

During his arrest, the accused reportedly resisted police officers, attacking them by a knife. His mother is reported to have attacked cops assigned to arrest him, and she was held too.

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“I wanted to avenge a sexual assault he committed on me 10 years ago. And I didn’t find a better way to do that than setting his car on fire,” the defendant told prosecutors during questioning, admitting that he was behind the incident.

The Bahraini man has been accused of putting lives in danger. He and his mother also have been charged with attacking on-duty police officers.

Source: DT News


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