Bahraini arrested for passport forgery

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A Bahraini man was caught using his brother’s passport to escape a travel ban, according to court files. 

The defendant was arrested at Bahrain National Airport while coming back from a GCC state as he tried to enter the Kingdom using his brother’s passport, which carried his picture. Shockingly, the defendant used the document for three years since 2015 until he was arrested after the police received a tip-off. It’s said that the defendant was wanted in several civil cases and he took advantage of his brother’s disability. 

Sources said his brother is a disabled individual. He used the online portal to renew his passport once it expired and he uploaded his picture instead of his brother’s. He claimed that he uploaded his picture by mistake and used the passport after knowing that he wouldn’t be able to leave the country due to a travel ban against him for committing several offenses. 

He was charged with forgery and leaving the country using a fake passport. 


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