Bahraini Dies in Freak Car Accident

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A Bahraini passed away after being seriously injured in a freak traffic accident.

Details of the incident, which occurred late last night on Shaikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Street, are still not revealed by officials.

Preliminary details indicate that the young Bahraini is thought to have exceeded the street’s limits. He collided with another vehicle. This resulted in serious injuries to the young man who was immediately transferred by a car to the Salmaniya Medical Complex.

He died upon arrival at the complex, while the two with him received urgent treatment as they were seriously injured.

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Police first responded and were present at the scene to facilitate the flow of traffic until the arrival of the traffic police as two lines were closed because of the accident until the civil defence personnel removed the wreckage of the damaged car and the oil in the street.


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