Bahraini Farmers’ Market- 28,000 visitors in the first two weeks

An integrated Farmers' Market to be set up in Muharraq.
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“The 8th edition of the Bahraini Farmers’ Market attracted a total of 28,000 visitors the in first two weeks after its inauguration,” revealed the Undersecretary of Agriculture and Marine Wealth at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning. He added that the market, being held in Budaiya Botanical Garden, attracted 11,000 visitors in the first week while the second week witnessed 17,000 visitors.

This remarkable presence, whether by Bahrainis or residents and visitors, reflects the extent of the success achieved by previous versions of the event. He pointed out that in the coming weeks, the farmers’ market will witness the establishment of various festivals, including the tomato festival, the berry festival, and others.

The Undersecretary of Agriculture and Marine Wealth stated that the farmers’ market has become an important platform for Bahraini farmers to display their farm products and market them to the public. The event has become a motive towards more competition among farmers to introduce the latest systems in agriculture, in order to produce new types of different local agricultural products.


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