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Bahraini Farmers Market -A Massive Success with 250,000 Visitors

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The number of visitors has increased significantly since the opening of the Bahraini market in its seventh season, where the number of visitors throughout the season reached more than 250,000.

Mrs. Amani Abu Edrees, Executive Director of Bahrain Farmers Market, said that the seventh edition of the Farmers’ Market was characterized by its diverse and unprecedented activities.

Bahraini farmers’ market at garden plant Budaiya concluded its season on Saturday (April 27, 2019) in its seventh edition, organizing a side festival included a variety of events, represented in many varieties of dates and water vaccine, roses and water Bahraini herbs which is the most sought products during the holy month of Ramadan, as well as the supply and sale of Gerga’oon supplies, with the participation of productive families, in addition to the work of reductions on agricultural products of some farmers up to 50 percent.


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