Bahraini Junkies Who “Hunted” Illegals Get Jail Sentence

Because of his fear of being held accountable for his illegal stay in the Kingdom, the expat man didn’t report the matter to the authorities.
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The First Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal this week upheld the imprisonment sentences that were previously issued against two Bahraini drug addicts, who regularly “hunted and mugged” illegal residents and used the money to buy and abuse drugs.


A vigilant Bahraini national witnessed them mugging an expat in Salmabad, noted down the car’s registration number, and reported the matter to the police. In co-operation with the General Directorate of Traffic, the police found the address of one of the defendants and arrested him. He confessed and led the police to his accomplices and they were both referred to the Public Prosecution.

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Additionally, laboratory testing of the urine samples of defendants found traces of narcotics, including Diazepam and Morphine. The court sentenced both men to three years imprisonment for mugging the victim and six months for consuming drugs. They both appealed against the verdict, but the court rejected their appeals and upheld the previously announced verdicts.



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