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Bahraini Man Caught Travelling with Brother’s Passport

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A Bahraini man, who is under a travel ban, used his disabled brother’s passport and identity card and used it to freely travel abroad.

This was recently revealed when the 30-year-old stood trial before the First High Criminal Court. In the details of the case, it was shown that the defendant has been banned from travelling abroad because of his conviction in civilian cases. He is facing the charges of forging official documents, as he renewed his disabled brother’s passport online but used his (the defendant) picture back in 2015.

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In his statement, he said that he applied through the Information and eGovernment Authority (IGA) website to renew his brother’s expired passport and identity card. He told the Prosecutors that he entered his brother’s correct data through the website, but, he claimed that he had “mistakenly” uploaded his (the defendant) picture.

However, the defendant confessed that he didn’t correct the error and submitted the application until he later received an SMS informing that the documents are ready to be collected. The man did collect the passport and identity card and used it to travel in-and-out of the Kingdom for three consecutive years until he was recently held.


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