Bahraini Man Jailed, Four Indian Nationals Deport For Illegal Shrimp Fishing

A Bahraini man has been sentenced to one month in prison, while four Indian nationals have been jailed for 10 days and subsequently will be deported from Bahrain, following their conviction for illegal shrimp fishing. The court also ordered the confiscation of the seized shrimp, prohibited nets, and the fishing vessel.

The case stemmed from a report filed by the Coast Guard, who apprehended the four Indian nationals aboard a pleasure boat in the Khorfasht area. The men were found to be using a bottom trawl net to catch shrimp, a practice prohibited during the current fishing season. Upon spotting the Coast Guard patrol, the suspects attempted to flee but were nabbed. Authorities seized approximately 60 kilograms of fresh shrimp from their possession.

The Public Prosecution promptly initiated an investigation, questioning the four arrested individuals. The suspects confessed to using the banned bottom trawl net for shrimp fishing and revealed that their sponsor had instructed them to do so and provided them with the boat.

Following their confessions, the four Indian nationals were charged with fishing during the closed season, using prohibited fishing gear, obstructing official inspection and control, and failing to comply with safety regulations. The Public Prosecution ordered their detention pending trial. The sponsor was also arrested and detained.


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