Bahraini MP Urges Shift To English Curriculum In Public Schools

In a letter addressed to Bahrain’s Education Minister, HE Mohammed Juma, MP Mariam Al-Saegh echoes a widely held belief in the kingdom by advocating for a switch in the curriculum from Arabic to English in public schools.

Recognizing the predominance of English in numerous university disciplines, the MP stresses the crucial role of fluency in the language in meeting job market needs.

Moreover, Al-Saegh acknowledges the societal disparity in Bahrain, where superior English skills often correlate with greater employment prospects.

Given the prestigious status of English, students in private schools benefit from acquiring academic skills in the language, leading to proficiency.

This contrasts with public school students facing serious challenges due to language insecurity. Al-Saegh’s initiative seeks to bridge this gap by providing public school students with similar opportunities to acquire and utilise English effectively, aiming to promote equity and equip every student with the language skills necessary for future employment.

Additionally, Al-Saegh advocates for the professional development of public school educators to facilitate the instruction of main subjects in English and inquires about the resources available to support this educational transition.


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