Bahraini Newborns To Get The New-Look ID First

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Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA) Chief Executive Mohamed Ali AlQaed has stressed that the first pilot phase of issuing a new identity card (ID) will be presently limited to Bahraini newborns born.

The ID is issued in accordance with the legally approved fees of BD2; with no additional charges.

The launch is carried-out in phases for the issuance of other society segments comprising Bahraini citizens in the next phase during the upcoming weeks; followed by the final phase which includes residents throughout six months where the public will be notified at a later stage.

Al Qaed emphasized that such technological developments and technical revamps in the ID card features does not require current identity card holders to replace their cards with new ones. The previous identity card will continue to be issued until the launch of the second phase and according to the legally certified service charges. He also highlighted that valid ID cards will remain officially recognized in all public and private transactions up until their expiration date.

Source Credit: BNA


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