Bahraini Parent Faces Court After Toddler Seen Sitting On Window Edge

The two are members of Al Wafa mainstream, a group designated as a terrorist organisation.
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A Bahraini parent faces court proceedings after a picture showing a toddler sitting on a window edge went viral. In the picture, a toddler is seen dangerously sitting on the edge of the window panel while her sister is holding her from behind.

The incident was reported at one of the buildings in a government housing project in Al Lawzy area in Hamad town. Interior ministry confirmed in a tweet that legal procedures were taken against the Bahraini parent for child safety negligence.

Quoting Northern Governorate Police Directorate, the tweet mentioned: With reference to a circulated video on social media of a girl and her sister sitting on the edge of a window of a flat in Al Lawzi area, the Northern Governorate Police took legal steps against the owner of the flat and the guardian of the children. The Family and Child Prosecution were notified.

The incident was apparently reported to the authorities by Child Wish Society, an NGO concerned about charity and children. The society mentioned in a post on its Instagram page: Child Wish society would like to thank those faithful ones who sent us the video of the children in the housing project in Al Lawzi.


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