Bahraini-Polish woman commits suicide

Bahraini-Polish woman commits suicide.
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The Bahraini-Polish woman, who had earlier tried to commit suicide by jumping off her residence, passed away suffering from the severe injuries she sustained. 

The lady, who jumped from the first floor of the building she resides in Janubiya area, is thought to have huge sums of money due and she tried to commit suicide to put herself out of misery.

The decedent was a client of the lawyer Riyad Al-Sanadi. The lawyer, who blames the building’s owner for the death of this client, revealed some details about her. The lawyer indicated that she was abandoned by her husband and had two daughters. She, he added, was recently fired and the owner of the building threatened her by either to pay the late rent amounts or to leave the apartment. 

Al-Sanadi added that the bank, from which she had a loan, threatened her with imprisonment and a car agency threatened her to take the car back in case she did not pay the monthly amount, For all of these reason, he assured, she decided to commit suicide and jumped from the balcony of her apartment from the first floor.

Al-Sanadi noted that police and competent authorities were present at the site and closed the area precautionary until the ambulance car arrived. The Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the General Directorate of Civil Defense stated that they initiated an investigation into the incident in preparation to refer the case to the Public Prosecution.  


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