Bahraini products need branding

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Manama: Bahraini products need branding to succeed in the domestic and international markets, according to a Bahraini economist.

A ‘Made in Bahrain’ or a similar branding is necessary for local products to get the recognition it deserves, said Yousef Mashal, a candidate for the BCCI elections next month. According to him, such branding would help grab attention to the products and help customers recognize it easily.

“There are many things we can do for the branding. One example is if we can include a logo on our products that has a picture of an old Bahraini dhow or the Tree of Life. These are small things which will show our unique personality,” he said.

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“The branding must highlight Bahrain’s strengths such as high-quality living, economic freedom, Arab culture and hospitality and world-class business environment. The Chamber of Commerce and the business community must take the concept of branding more seriously and take advantage of it,” he said, adding,” Every country has a brand, however, it is not something we make, but something we live and Bahrain’s values and beliefs are its brand.”

“The chamber, as well all the residents of Bahrain has a responsibility to contribute to the economic and social growth.  We need to celebrate who we and our identity as Bahrainis with a rich culture and heritage,” he said.

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He said that Bahrain can use such branding to differentiate from its neighbouring countries and have an advantage. “This will give us an edge because there are not many regional examples of such branding in use. Apart from some efforts in Saudi Arabia, there has not been major branding efforts in the region, so it is time for us to step up and make this a reality,” he said. He added that branding Bahraini products would be top of his agenda if he gets elected to the chamber.


Source Credit: DT News


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