Bahraini School Teacher Confesses in Court to Sexually Assaulting Students

A teacher appeared in the Bahrain High Criminal Court, admitting to sexually abusing his students.

The teacher expressed regret for his behaviour and requested an apology from all. During the hearing, an experienced lawyer agreed to defend him when two other lawyers authorised by the Justice Ministry declined to represent the accused.

The court scheduled the next hearing for February 19, allowing further examination while the teacher remains in custody.

According to the Deputy Chief of the Family and Child Prosecution, the case unfolded after the Public Prosecution received a report from the Northern Police Governorate detailing a sexual assault by a Bahraini public school teacher on one of his seven-year-old students outside the school campus.

Promptly launching an investigation, the Public Prosecution heard from the victim’s father, who confirmed that the defendant had sexually assaulted his son.

Subsequently, the victim himself corroborated the incident during questioning, recounting that he had accompanied his teacher to a shopping mall with parental consent, where he was molested in the parking lot. During interrogation, the defendant admitted to the allegations and was detained for further investigation.

The forensic report provided additional support, confirming the presence of traces from the defendant on the victim’s genitals and clothing. This evidence aligned with the victim’s statements and the defendant’s confession.


The defendant was convicted of sexual assault against the victim due to aggravated circumstances, resulting in a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

There was no evidence of full sexual intercourse. Parallelly, the Public Prosecution received another complaint implicating the defendant in the sexual assault of another student.

The parent of that child was also questioned, and the victim verified the defendant’s assault in various locations, detailing inappropriate touching and molestation.

These details were corroborated by the defendant’s confession and the examination conducted by the Public Prosecution.


Further investigations revealed that the defendant had committed additional instances of sexual abuse against four other children from the same school.

Shockingly, these incidents had not been reported to any authorities or parents. Subsequent questioning of these children confirmed that the defendant had similarly assaulted them, aligning with the reports of the forensic team and the defendant’s confession.

As the legal proceedings continue, the public remains deeply disturbed by the heinous crimes committed by the teacher.

The case serves as a dire reminder of the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals, and the court’s decision will play a pivotal role in ensuring justice for the victims and their families.


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