Bahraini surfing legend dies in sea accident

Bahraini surfing legend and surfing instructor Muhanna Al Dosari died in a sea accident today. He was 33 years old. 

It is learnt that the accident occurred off the South Coast of Bahrain. 

Muhanna is considered a legend in the field and a great contributor to marine sports in the Kingdom. 

Founder and Managing Director of Beach Culture WLL, Muhanna is a Level 1 IKO certified KiteSurfing instructor who graduated from Portsmouth University in 2010 with a degree in Economics, Finance and Banking. 

Being a part of the Bahrain national sailing team since the age of 10 he became engaged in the beach culture of Bahrain and wanted to see it develop and grow, sources say. 

He has exerted efforts to foster public awareness of marine environmental sustainability in the region. 

Muhanna has also been working on establishing the Bahrain Kitesurfing Association and was ambitious of planning many marine/beach based community events that would underscore the influence of marine culture in the Kingdom’s social spheres. 



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