Bahraini Who Stabbed Neighbour Over Parking Declared Mentally Fit

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The First High Criminal Court declared yesterday the mental stability of a Bahraini man who stabbed his neighbour in 2019, after more than a year after of deliberating his mental fitness.

This came after the court reviewed a report issued by the Psychiatric Hospital on the man’s mental condition, which confirmed that he is mentally fit and is showing responsible for his actions.

The Court announced that it is adjourning the case to April 6 to resume the trial of the defendant, who apparently stabbed the victim in a residential neighbourhood in Galali after a dispute over a parking spot.

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Investigations also revealed that the accused, who is facing charges of attempted murder, had the intention to kill the victim, as he prepared a knife for this purpose and monitored the victim’s movements, and while the latter was walking on a public road when the stabbing occurred.


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