Bahraini Woman Fined For ‘A Fake Kidnap’ Complaint

The jail sentence for the Bahraini woman, who attempted to trap her ex-boyfriend’s relatives in a kidnap case, was replaced with a fine of BD100.

The details of the case show that the defendant had several disagreements with her ex-boyfriend’s brother and his wife, who would frequently convince him to annul the relationship.

According to prosecutors, the defendant then decided to settle scores with ex-boyfriend’s family, primarily her ex-fiance’s brother, as she believed he was the main reason why the breakup happened.

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She lodged a complaint with the police claiming that she was kidnapped by four masked men, who she allegedly took her to Buhair area in Riffa. The woman told the police that one of the men in a mask was her ex-boyfriend’s brother.

When asked if she was assaulted or harassed by any of the alleged kidnappers, the woman denied and told the police that she was released in Buhair area.

Further investigations proved that the woman lied in her statements as she wasn’t able to answer certain questions during the interrogation.

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When cornered, she confessed that the accusation was false and that she made the story up to take revenge against her ex-boyfriend’s brother. The Public Prosecution then accused her of providing false information to the police to file a case.

She was subsequently referred to the Eighth Minor Court, where she was sentenced with one year of imprisonment. The defendant appealed the verdict, which replaced her sentence with a fine.

Source: DT News