Bahrain: Twelve arrested for peddling drugs

Seven European nationals, a GCC national, an Arab woman and three Bahrainis are facing hefty fines and jail terms for peddling drugs in Bahrain.

The High Criminal Court has adjourned the case to the 21st of this month for hearing closing arguments.

Case files say the suspects had banded together to smuggle illicit drugs into the kingdom and distribute them nationwide. Their activities came to the halt, only when police intervened after receiving a tip-off.

Authorities said they had to be quick and decisive to bring down the gang, so they opted for an undercover operation. One officer in plain clothes had made contact with a member of the gang, and they had agreed to a deal. The suspect was to deliver BD120 worth of cocaine to a pre-arranged location, completely unaware that the police had set up surveillance.

The suspect arrived at the pre-determined location in Seef District, unsuspecting of the trap that had been set. He handed over the drugs, only to find himself suddenly surrounded by police officers. Police had also obtained a warrant to search his house.

The search of his house yielded even more damning evidence, including BD8,000 in cash, which the suspect confessed was proceeds from the sale of drugs. Further interrogation led to the identification of other members involved in the gang, and they were swiftly arrested. The High Criminal Court will decide their fate, after closing arguments on the 21st of this Representative picture month.



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